The Richard A. Berman Leadership Award

for Human Rights

Richard Berman Award Pic w Judith Altmann

The Richard A. Berman Leadership Award for Human Rights honors the longstanding commitment and dedication of President Richard Berman to the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center. This award recognizes President Berman's commitment to community service and the education of ethically and socially responsible leaders for the global community. It is intended to foster a sense of accomplishment and purpose in the recipient.

The Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center shares his lifelong commitment to academic excellence and intellectual and cultural diversity, and strives to make a difference in the world by providing the public with educational programs to create ethically and socially responsible leaders.

Description of Award:

Presented Annually

Presented annually to a student, nominated by his/her school, who has been a participant in the Human Rights Institute in the sophomore year

The Winner

The Winner will be announced at the Human Rights Student Institute and will receive a certificate and a monetary prize of $500 to be adjusted periodically.

Presenting Award

The Winner will be presented the award at the HHREC Human Rights Institute for High School Student Leaders.

Process & Nomination Criteria

  1. Letter of Nomination should be sent in on school stationery letterhead
  2. Letter of Nomination should specify the work and performance that qualify the nominee for this award, and should state clearly why the candidate merits this particular honor
  3. Letter of Nomination should discuss other reasons why this student stands apart from other students and should be recognized with this honor
  4. Candidates must be in good academic standing and their academic performance will be considered as part of the criteria for this award
  5. Nomination forms should be submitted to Co- Director of Education, Julie Scallero, along with a letter of nomination.
Candidates must show promise of leadership through their accomplishments and meaningful contributions to their communities
Candidates must demonstrate interpersonal skills in activities, projects or clubs that promote human rights
Nomination should comment on the student's personal attributes that exemplify values consistent with ethical behavior


2023 Award Winners

Izzy Sampere and Allie Cooper

Byram Hills High School

Past Recipients:

2022 Recipient:
Emily Hollander

2021 Recipient:
Peyton DiSienza

2020 Recipient:
Kyle Chouinard

2019 Recipient:
Danielle Piccoli

2018 Recipient:
Elena Cohen

2017 Recipient:
Anchal Kanojia

2016 Recipients:
Olivia Shaw
Laura Rodriguez

2015 Recipient:
Jazlin Perez

2014 Recipients
Marina Vergara
Raina Kadavil

2013 Recipients:  
Mary Grace Henry
Bianca Maria Caggiano

2012 Recipient:  
Mackenzie Dunn

2011 Recipient:
Erica Getto

2010 Recipients:
Daniel Ullman
Amelia Schwalb