2024 Ben Ferencz Writing and Creative Expression Student Competition

Benjamin Ferencz (1920 – 2023) was a former prosecutor at the Nuremburg War Crimes Trial. Born in Transylvania, he and his family emigrated to Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, when he was ten months old. After graduating from Harvard Law School in 1943, he enlisted in the army, fought in France under General Patton, and was transferred to the War Crimes Branch of the army.

After the war, he served as a Chief Prosecutor during the Nuremberg Trials. He sought to establish legal precedents for a more humane and peaceful world. In later years, Ferencz became a human rights activist, helped to create the Claims Conference, and worked to establish the International Criminal Court.

A former Pace University Professor and longtime Westchester County resident, Ben Ferencz serves as a role model to us all.