HHREC Annual Benefit

Safeguarding Our Shared History

The HHREC community will gather for our Annual Benefit on Thursday evening October 26th at the beautiful Westchester Country Club in Rye, New York. This year we will honor Sam Rosmarin and Kathy Zaltas, who will be presented with the HHREC Eugene M. & Emily Grant Spirit of Humanity Awards.

Our program will also feature a live theatrical performance of Letters from Anne and Martin, a unique theatrical performance featuring the powerful words of Anne Frank and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. These two iconic, historical figures will be brought to life by actors as they echo the hopes, aspirations and dreams that inspired Anne Frank’s Diary and Dr. King’s Letters from Birmingham.

To register for this event, or for more information including sponsorship opportunities click here, email benefit@hhrecny.org, or call 914.696.0738.

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HHREC offers education and community programs to support our mission to enhance the teaching and learning of the lessons of the Holocaust and the right of all people to be treated with dignity and respect.

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Our Speakers Bureau is comprised of Holocaust Survivors and Liberators with years of experience sharing their inspiring stories of survival. Host a Holocaust Survivor or Liberator at your school, organization, or company today.

Educating our Future

Working to enhance the teaching and learning of the lessons of the Holocaust, to promote the right of all people to be treated with dignity and respect, and to encourage students to speak up and act against all forms of bigotry and prejudice.

Book List for Young Readers

Books often facilitate conversations about the Holocaust. It can be challenging to find an appropriate selection, and the titles listed below for some recent publications may help you.

Generations Forward

GenerationsForward is composed of second and third-generation descendants. Members of the Speakers Bureau share their family's Holocaust story in a powerful and impactful manner.

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