During the dark days of the Holocaust, a small number of American political cartoonists used their art to cry out against injustice – and to try to inspire the public to demand the rescue of Hitler’s victims. “Cartoonists Against the Holocaust” brings back 150 of these amazing cartoons, together with scores of compelling period photographs that place the cartoons in the context of the Nazi genocide and the world’s response as events unfolded.

The Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center has received an acknowledgement by the author in the recently published book. To purchase the teacher’s guide written by Dr. Rafael Medoff, and our Co-Directors of Education Steve Goldberg and Julie Scallero, please click HERE

18 panels of individual cartoons are available on loan for exhibition by organizations in the greater Westchester County NY area. They must be picked up and returned to our offices in White Plains, NY. 

The fee for public middle and high schools: $100

The fee for all other venues: $200

Please make checks payable to: HHREC.

  1. Select the panels you would like to exhibit. A full description can be downloaded HERE
  2. Fill out the online form HERE. You will be contacted to verify your request.