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Professional Development Conference

The All-Day Institute for Educators is for those teaching grades 4-12 in English, Social Studies or Interdisciplinary Teams.  The day includes a keynote speaker and various holocaust and human rights workshops to participate in.

Its purposes are to:

  • help teachers make study of the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights relevant for today's students;
  • expand awareness of the Holocaust's continuing lessons for such related issues as prejudice, racism, and human rights violations;
  • provide teachers with practical strategies and essential information for teaching those lessons;
  • empower teachers to become and create upstanders in their classrooms
Professional Development / Teacher Training

Our professional development programs and resources are intended for Educators in English, Social Studies or Interdisciplinary Teams. We offer resources on Holocaust and Human Rights, Professional Development seminars and workshops that provide guidance and teacher training using up to date educational and pedagogical materials.

Our programs encourage teachers to expand and promote awareness of the Holocaust's continuing lessons for their students. Our initiatives also provide strategies and support to incorporate these topics - - prejudice, racism, tolerance, dangers of extreme hatred - - into existing curricula and lesson plans. Our goal is to empower and encourage students to become upstanders in their classrooms and leaders in the global community.

" Truly an inspirational program. Intellectually challenging and rewarding."

"Wide range of topics - excellent presenters."