Student Contest – Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month

Apr 10, 2020—Apr 30, 2020

Event Contact Julie Scallero and Steven Goldberg, co-Directors of Education | Email

Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month – Why April?

The 20th Century is often referred to as the “Century of Genocide.” Unfortunately, this trend has continued into the 21st Century. Many of these genocides either began in April or include significant events which occurred in April.

The Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center would like students to raise awareness about these genocides and remember those who were lost as a result of “man’s inhumanity to man.”   To this end, we are sponsoring a special student contest.

Student Contest:

Create an original project in visual arts, poetry, music, or other media of artistic expression that commemorates some aspect of a genocide which has occurred in the 20th or 21st centuries. Examples include the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, the Cambodian Genocide, the Bosnian Genocide, the Rwandan Genocide, the Genocide in Darfur, and many others. Please see World Without Genocide ( ) for a complete list.

Deadline for submission of projects: April 30, 2020.  Projects, with the simple information sheet, need to be submitted by email to

All projects will be evaluated by the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center’s Co-Directors of Education, Steve Goldberg and Julie Scallero.

We will select 3 winners (one for grades 7 and 8, one for grades 9 and 10, one for grades 11 and 12) who will receive a certificate and will  have their projects announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Additionally, we will make a donation, on the winners’ behalf, to the AFYA Foundation whose mission is to improve global health by rescuing surplus medical supplies and delivering them to underserved health systems around the world. Not only is this organization working to provide medical supplies during the CLOVID-19 crisis, they were a past keynote presenter at our Human Rights Institute for High School Student Leaders.  We are very familiar with their work serving a global community as well as currently supporting our local ones.

We look forward to viewing your submissions and hope you stay well during these uncertain times.


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Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month Student Contest

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