Lillyan Rosenberg

Lillyan Rosenberg was born in 1928 in Halberstadt, Germany. She experienced "Kristallnacht", which took place on November 9th & 10th, 1938 when the Nazi's burned synagogues, vandalized Jewish homes and businesses and the first mass arrest of Jewish men and boys took place. Lillyans father was arrested and taken to "Buchenwald" concentration camp.

After "Kristallnacht" every Jewish family tried to leave Germany. Although Lillyans parents could not get out they were able to save Lillyans life by taking advantage of an offer by England to accept 10,000 children. This became known as the "Kindertransport". She was one of these children and left Germany in July 1939. Lillyan never saw her parents again. In England she lived with a foster family and Hostels until 1946 at which time she immigrated to the USA.

Lillyan has spoken in schools, Synagogues and a diary she had kept in German is being used as a textbook in Germany where she has also lectured to students and adults and was written up in newspapers and on TV.

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