About the Holocaust Survivor Legacy Project

The Survivor Legacy Education Project is an interactive database to record the oral history of Westchester survivors for use by teachers with their students and adults, too.

We are interviewing these Survivors to create audio and visual accounts of their stories. The interviews will be edited into 25-30-minute programs of their preserved memories including photographs, letters, artifacts of their childhood and the war years (e.g. Stars of David), and personal documents (e.g. passports, etc.) to be shared with future generations. This multimedia tool is an important resource for teachers to use to bring their stories to life and further engage students.

Each program includes full written biographical text, family photos and student study guides for individual teacher materials including supplemental readings about the subtopics of the Holocaust that might pertain to the individual, e.g. the Kindertransport, Kristallnacht, a particular concentration or death camp, etc.

Pictures of 3 Legacy Survivors
Legacy Survivors
This is easily accessible from the website and therefore the entire project can be accessed from any computer, either in school, home, or synagogue.

These donors are gratefully acknowledged for their support of the
Holocaust Survivor Legacy Project

UJA-Federation/Westchester Program Services Cabinet
Dorothy and Robert Matza
Dr. Ellen Teplitz and Hon. Barry Warhit
Helene and Ellis Abramson
Grace Bennett
Eva Sax Bolder and Larry Bolder