Teaching the Holocaust and Its Lessons:
The Fundamentals and Beyond
June 27, June 28, and July 1, 2019 



The institute will examine the history of the Holocaust and its relevance to today, using survivor testimony, literature, and film to supplement, illustrate, and personalize the historical content.



Course Topics:

  • Evolution of Antisemitism and the Rise of Nazism in Germany
  • Indoctrination and Discrimination, 1933-1939
  • Using Holocaust films in the classroom
  • Persecution and Segregation, 1939-1942
  • Genocide, 1942-1945
  • Using survivor testimony in the classroom
  • Responses to the Holocaust: Global Responses, Rescue, and Resistance
  • Other Genocides




The instructional staff will include Co-Directors of Education Julie Scallero and Steven Goldberg, master teachers, Holocaust survivors, second generation and outside speakers.


Participants will receive a certificate of attendance for 15 CTLE approved hours upon completion of the Three-Day Institute.


For more information on this year's Summer Institute, click here: Flyer for Summer Institute 2019